Eloise (maerlann) wrote in i_am_six,

Hiya! I'm new and I was really surprised to find an Eloise community. It seems pretty quiet, but since I wasn't expecting one at all I'm very happy :D

Anyway, my name is Eloise, and when I was little it was always great to read a book with my name in it, especially as it's not exactly a common name (have you any idea how many different and incorrect spellings and pronunciations I've had to put up with?) I was born in New Jersey, which (since I'm guessing most of you are Americans) probably doesn't seem like it's all that close to New York, but since I live in Scotland, it seems pretty close to me :P Strangely enough, I was named without my parents having even seen the book.

Anyway, I've only got "Eloise" and I didn't even know any other books existed. So, I'm guessing there's other ones. Is there a certain order they should be read in? Also, what's this about movies? I'm sure I would have seen something about it over here, were they tv movies, or just really old ones? And are they just in America and would there be any chance of getting them over here?

Sorry, you all seem like pretty big fans and here's me waltzing in and asking a lot of stupid questions :P
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