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A Frightening Rumor

I have loved the Eloise books ever since I was a child. They are absolutely hysterical. Lately, I've been seeing a lot of Eloise merchandise at bookstores. At first I get excited, but then when I look at it more I realize it's just not the same. It's sort of depressing.

I was told that Hilary Knight was working on another Eloise book (a follow up to Eloise Takes a Bawth, that he did by himself since Ms. Thompson died). That made me happy because although Bawth was not my favorite of the books it was still in the spirit of the originals. And I love Mr. Knight's artwork.

But recently I heard a rumor that Mr. Knight has been FIRED from the project. Apparently he is very upset about it. This makes me very sad.

Poor Eloise. They've taken Kay, the Plaza and now Hilary from her.
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