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My Visit to the Plaza

I just found this comunity & thought I'd tell everyone about my visit to The Plaza this past weekend.

2 of my friends & I planned a little weekend trip to New York (I live in Canada so it's not far) & I was like 'I MUST see The Plaza when we're there!' My 1 friend totally put a damper on things because she said it was closed; but I remained faithful.

I guess I should mention I didn't really know about Eloise until I watched Eloise at the Plaza when it first aired on TV. I'm a big sucker for that movie & love the girl who plays Eloise, Sofia Vassilieva. We sell the books at the toy store I work at, so I read them after & they are sooo cute. (I think Sofia was a good Eloise, but that is me personally.) My work then put Eloise Has a Bawth in it's annual book sale so I bought it & it's the only Eloise book I own. Anyhoo.

So, on the 1st day we're walking through Central Park, north to south, & know what we see? Those horse & buggy deals she rides with the Prince in the movie! So cool. The Plaza is right across from Central Park & I actually made a giant gasp when I saw it. The same friend was like 'gwad, everyone knows we're tourists now!'

I was so convinced to go inside. I wanted to see the little shoes (they bring out if you ask 'where's Eloise?') & the painting soooo badly. So, we go to the entrance but no avail. There is a guardsman standing there & he tips his hat (I took a photo) & there is a sign that says 'The Plaza is currently closed for construction.' Sad, non?

We sat at a fountain across the street & while there I observed the building. All the windows are gone, even on the tippy top floor. There is a giant sign saying how it's being turned into apartment buildings. ( The sign shows a photo of a lady with her daughter, with blonde hair. A somewhat Eloise, I thought. There is lots of scaffolding,

Overall I was very sad & disappointed I didn't make it there earlier. I find it sad The Plaza has come to this. I hope they still keep the Eloise things & maybe I can go back & see them. I can't see why they would destroy them though.

Anyways, hope you all enjoyed my story.

Cheers, Carly
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I'm sad about the Plaza being closed now too. I wanted to take my sister there because we're both big Eloise fans but I couldn't. It's so sad. Because like "where is Eloise living now?"

I live in NYC so I've seen the Plaza and the painting (interestingly, the original was stolen and Hilary Knight had to make another one, I'm sure that'll turn up on ebay some day).
Where IS Eloise living now? Sigh.

Really? I did not know that.