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Wheelchairs for Dogs by Ian Major

Wheelchairs for Dogs
 by: Ian Major
Dogs, they are always our beloved pets, but sometimes they are more than just pets. Our dogs love us unconditionally, and protect us when they feel danger is approaching. We buy them sweaters to keep them warm in the winter, and boots to keep them dry in the rain.
They are our substitute children and they are our lives. That is why when they are in need of a little extra help getting around like wheelchairs for dogs, we go out of our way to get the very best ones.
Every year, thousands of dogs, both young and old, fall prey to hip and joint injuries. Some are caused by genetics, and others are caused by accidents with vehicles driven by distracted drivers. In some cases, it leaves the dog with limited use or no use of their legs. That is why more and more people are turning to wheelchairs for dogs.
Gain Mobility With Wheelchairs For Dogs
For many years, the dogs would be immobile, staying in one place, relying on their masters to move them from place to place. Some owners would simply be put to sleep instead of watching them whither away. Within past decades, the development in wheelchairs for dogs have given our beloved pets their freedom to move again.
Custom Made Wheelchairs For Dogs
A doggie wheel chair is a wheelchair that is custom made for each dog. It is a special device that attaches with a harness to the body of the dog, and a sling that supports the dogs failing limbs. A doggie wheelchair allows him to have the freedom and mobility to go wherever allowed. With a doggie wheelchair, dogs can once again have an enjoyable life.
Hand Crafted Wheelchairs For Dogs
A doggie wheelchair is handcrafted to the exact measurement of each dog, and come in all shapes sizes, and can even be painted the dogs' favorite color.
Whether the dog is male or female makes a difference also, as they wheelchair is built to accommodate bodily functions.
Assistance To All
Wheelchairs for dogs can support not only the hindquarters of an injured dog, but even all four limbs. It is a more intricate design for all four legs however. Doggie wheelchairs can accommodate any dog. There are no known circumstances where a dog could not be assisted by these fantastic devices.
The Many Benefits Of Wheelchairs For Dogs
A big dog can benefit from these wheelchairs even more than a small dog can, as it is more difficult for the owner of a big dog to carry them around from place to place. wheelchairs for dogs give dogs back their independence and makes both the owner and the dog very happy.
Veterinarians recommend a doggie wheelchair only when therapy and rehabilitation fail. It is used as a last resort. Because a dog can become dependant on wheelchairs for dogs, vets will not recommend one if there is any hope of them regaining the use of their limbs on their own.
Surveys of pet owners whose dogs use wheelchairs for dogs overwhelmingly agree that it is the best thing that they could do for their dogs. They witness a puppy like behavior when they are romping around the yard or chasing their favorite ball.
Our dogs depend on us for everything and in return, they greet us when we come home from work with wagging tails and hanging tongues. It is gratifying to an owner of an injured dog to know that he or she can give something back that will make them just as happy by providing something as simple as wheelchairs for dogs.
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